Best and Quickest Way to Smoke Fish and Oysters

Best and Quickest Way to Smoke Fish and Oysters

Posted on: January 18, 2023

When we think of smoked food, we spontaneously imagine a sizzling succulent steak waiting to be devoured. The intense smoky flavor that food absorbs while smoking is unparalleled to any other barbeque method. This is why food smoking has a niche fan base.

When we think of smoked food, we spontaneously imagine a sizzling succulent steak waiting to be devoured. The intense smoky flavor that food absorbs while smoking is unparalleled to any other barbeque method. This is why food smoking has a niche fan base. Many barbeque lovers might not know that other wonderful foods can be smoked to create delicious gourmet food. Yes, the title of the article exemplifies it. Since you are reading this, we assume you have an open mind when it comes to smoking. We bet these simple recipes for smoking fish and oysters will make your jaw drop.

Simple way to smoke fish perfectly

When it comes to food smoking, fishes like tilapia, salmon, and trout are the best picks. These fishes are high in fat and absorb the smoky flavor well. We’ll share the method for smoking a whole trout here, but you can choose a fish according to your preference. Trust us. When you try smoked fish, you will never have it any other way. So let’s begin.

1. Begin by cleaning and seasoning the fish

Keep the skin on if you prefer a crisp outer and a juicy smoked inner flesh. You can also remove the skin after smoking the fish. We are only using salt as a seasoning here because we believe the flavored smoke will add that magic.

2. Pre-heat the food smoker

We recommend using a pro food smoker like the Bradley Smoker rather than an improvised one or a smokehouse. Temperature control can be a challenge with traditional food smokers, and smoking fish can be difficult for beginners. The Bradley Smoker has advanced features like an auto-feeder, temperature control, pre-set timer, magnetic door, and dual heating elements. With such a quality food smoker, smoking can be a fun experience.

3. Prepare apple-flavored smoke

Apple flavored smoke compliments the natural taste of trout, taking the deliciousness factor to a whole new level. Ensure that the fish is smoked in clean smoke because smoke from burnt-out fuel can make the fish taste foul. Our pick here is Bradley Bisquettes. These are compressed sawdust discs that burn for a precise time and extinguish before turning to ash. With Bradley Bisquettes, you don’t have to worry about replacing the fuel frequently. You can get Bradley Bisquettes in 17 different flavors, including apple.

4. Oil the rack

This is highly recommended because you don’t want your trout to stick to the rack after smoking. Oiling will help you remove the fish easily even after it is cooked. With the Bradley Smoker, the racks are removable, so you can oil it easily before smoking and clean it conveniently after you’re done smoking.

5. Place the fish on the rack

Keep the skin side of the fish facing down or towards the heat source. This will help it crisp faster and keep the inner flesh succulent and tender. You can also cover the fish in foil to avoid dripping.

6. Start smoking

Using a Bradley Smoker, you can smoke a whole trout in just 1 hour at 225 °F. If you don’t want a completely done trout, then 140 °F will do the job perfectly.

7. Serve

After 1 hour of smoking, remove the fish, peel off the skin if you want, and serve.

Quick guide to smoking oysters

Some may not like oysters because they are slimy. But you can completely transform this texture when you smoke oysters. Smoked oysters are absolutely delectable and have a mouth-watering flavor. Don’t believe us—try it yourself. After you taste smoked oysters, you will end up buying this slimy seafood more often. Here is a step-by-step guide to smoking oysters to perfection.

1. Clean and shuck the oysters

Shucking the oysters is an important step because, this way, the oysters will cook faster and absorb maximum smoky flavor. Try to save the oyster’s liquid as much as possible while shucking. Also, we recommend using fresh oysters rather than canned ones.

2. Season the Oyster

You can try your own seasoning, but we’ll share an easy recipe here to keep things simple. Melt some butter and add some hot sauce to it. Then add finely chopped garlic and parsley. Your seasoning is ready. Put a spoonful of this seasoning on each oyster.

3. Fire up the food smoker

Again with this recipe, we are using Bradley smoker, which has a pre-heat setting.

4. Prepare your smoke

With oysters, we are using cherry-flavored Bradley Bisquettes. You can also try alder smoke if you don’t like cherry. These two flavors do wonders to a smoked oyster. Again we would like to mention that clean smoke is necessary to get great results, and with Bradley Bisquettes, this isn’t even a thing to worry about.

5. Start smoking your oysters

Your oysters will reach perfect doneness in about 30 to 40 minutes when smoked at 225 °F. When using the Bradley Smoker here, this temperature setting worked fine.

6. Serve smoked oysters

You will notice that the texture of the oysters has changed after smoking. So take them out and serve straight away. You can also refrigerate the excess for about a week. Enjoy!

Food smoking is an art that needs the practice to gain expertise. We hope these easy-peasy ways to smoke oysters and fish has encouraged you to try something new with your food smoker.

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