Smoked Summer Sausage

Savory Smoked Summer Sausage Recipe

This Savory Smoked Summer Sausage Recipe will be ready in approximately 4 to 5 hours. They will reach the best enhanced flavor if you use hickory bisquettes.

To store, wrap in foil, put in plastic bags and freeze. Take out an hour before serving, slice and serve with cheese and crackers as an appetizer.


2½ Kg (5 lb) regular ground beef (not extra lean)

25 Ml (5 tsp) curing salt

18 Ml (3½ tsp) mustard seed

13 Ml (2½ tsp) coarse black pepper

3 Ml (½ tsp) garlic salt

250 Ml (1 cup) water

Cooking oil


In a large glass bowl, mix together all the ingredients by hand.

Cover with plastic and refrigerate for 24 hours. mixing twice during this time.

Form the meat into 5 rolls approximately 8 cm (13″) in diameter.

Place the rolls on oiled smoker racks

Smoking Method:

Preheat the Bradley Smoker to between 95°C and 105°C (200°F and 220°F).

Place rolls in the Bradley Smoker using Hickory flavor bisquettes.

Smoke/cook for approximately 4 to 5 hours. Or until meat thermometer reads 70°C to 75°C (160°F to 165°F).


Hickory Bisquettes for Bradley Smokers

The strong and sweet flavour of Hickory Bisquettes make it one of the more popular woods for smoking, and especially pairs well with poultry, beef, pork, game, water fowl, nuts, and cheese.

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