Smoked Flattened Duck Recipe

Smoked Flattened Duck Recipe

This Smoked Flattened Duck recipe works for any small game bird. Flattening is a good way to go with them. Make sure duck butts with preening gland have been removed.

Try juniper berries in place of allspice and it’s also possible to inject the breasts with apple juice. I usually serve it cold with crackers and cheese, but I put cheese and crackers out to show off the birds au natural first. Then skin them and slice the breast. The legs and thighs are the best!


4 to 6 whole Mallards - skin on

4 Qt water

⅔ Cup Morton’s Tender Quick

⅓ Cup salt

1 Cup brown sugar

1 Tsp whole peppercorns

1 Tsp whole allspice

½ Tsp garlic powder

4 Bay leaves


Prepare ducks:

With a serrated knife, or small saw, split plucked ducks down backbone.

Open up ducks and flatten.

Using a stiff brush, scrub the insides, and then rinse clean.


Mix ingredients with 1 qt of water and bring to a boil

Simmer for 15 minutes.

Strain, and then cool brine in fridge.

Mix brine with remaining 3 qts of water.

Soak ducks covered in brine for 3 days.

Remove from brine and rinse in cold water.

While warming up smoker, keep ducks at room temp for 1 hour, and then pat dry.


Place ducks on smoker racks, skin up.

120°F - 3 hrs, no smoke, vent 100% open.

140°F - 5 hrs, cherry or apple smoke, vent 50% open.

160°F - vent 25% open, until breast temp is 150°F.