Smoked Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

Smoked Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings Recipe

A very simple and easy recipe. These Smoked Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings will taste better if you smoke them using our Premium Sage bisquettes.


2 Pounds of chicken wings

1 Tbsp salt

2 Tsp ground black pepper

Bradley Flavor Bisquettes - Maple, or Premium Sage Bisquettes


If desired, cut each chicken wing into three portions: drumette, middle portion, and tip. Discard the tip of the wings and place the other portions in a large bowl.

Sprinkle the wings with the salt and pepper so they are evenly coated.

Set up smoker for 250°F, using wood bisquettes of choice. We recommend Maple, or Premium Sage Bisquettes.

Lay the wings on the smoker racks and smoke for about 2 - 2½ hours, or until cooked through.

Remove wings from the smoker and serve.

Recipe by: Steve Cylka