Seafood Salad with Cold Smoked Mussels

Seafood Salad with Cold Smoked Mussels

Sandra Tate

A mixed seafood salad is whatever you want it to be, choose the seafood you personally enjoy from favourite shellfish, prawns, squid and lobster and mix lightly with good olive oil, lemon juice and handfuls of salad leaves and herbs.



And to add an extra note of flavour to the mix, choose one or two items to be briefly cold smoked. I personally love lightly smoked mussels but you could equally enjoy cold smoked prawns or squid rings in there.

The principal is to precook the seafood you want to smoke.

For prawns it is probably easiest to buy them whole and ready cooked.

Squid I would buy cleaned by my fish monger then prepare by cutting into rings and cooking for 3 minutes in boiling water before draining and refreshing with cold water.

Once prepared could smoke any one of them with the same understated method.

For mussels, rinse vigorously in cold water to make the live mussels close.

Discard any that refuse to close and pull away the beards from those that do.

Scrape barnacles from the shells too then place in a heavy bottomed pan with a tight fitting lid and cook over high heat, shaking occasionally until they have opened. They are done.

Drain and leave to cool on a Bradley wire rack, easiest in their shells so they don't fall through.

Set up the Bradley Smoker with cold smoke attachment, and a few Maple bisquettes in the stack, and wait until the cabinet is filled with smoke and the top vent is closed.

Smoke the mussels for a mere 10 minutes so as strike a balance between smoke and sweet mussel meat flavours.


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