Smoked Steelhead Recipe

Smoked Steelhead Recipe

Looking for a new way to incorporate fish into your diet? Our smoked steelhead recipe features tender, flaky fish that's infused with smoky flavour and a variety of spices, making it the perfect choice for a healthy, protein-packed meal.


1200 grams of Steelhead

18 grams salt

72 grams of brown sugar

2 Teaspoons of garlic powder

2 Teaspoons onion powder

2 Teaspoons coarse pepper

Alder Bisquettes


Mix together your salt, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper. Shake it all together so it's evenly distributed.

Proceed to sprinkle all your rub mix on your steelhead fish, then place your fish in the fridge and leave it overnight.

Take out your fish and use a tissue and damp out your fish, proceed to place your fish on a rack.

Place your fish in your smoker and put the temp for 150F (65C), 3 hours of cook time, and 3 hours of smoke. Also, add 9 bisquettes before you smoke it.

Once it is done smoking, bring out your steelhead, and enjoy!

Recipe by: Smokin’ with Joe - Video (Watch till the end and get his 10% coupon code!)