Smoked Potato Sausage Recipe

Smoked Potato Sausage Recipe

This Smoked Swedish Potato Sausage Recipe has been our family’s Christmas eve dinner for many generations. In fact, this is a fresh sausage recipe. If you’re going to smoke it, use the proper amount of Cure #1. You may have to play with the amount of water a bit. Use more or less water to get the consistency you want. It will depend on water content of the potatoes. I usually end up adding about a cup more of water, so the sausage isn’t too dry when cooked. You can freeze, cook, or store in a refrigerated salt-water brine until used. It will hold this way for a week, which works for us as this is Christmas Eve and New Years Eve dinner.


For approx.15 lbs. total with the water added

4 Lbs lean pork

4 Lbs lean beef

4 Lbs potatoes

1½ Qts water

1 Bottle minced onion (2 1/2 oz.)

3 Tbsp salt

1 Tbsp white pepper

1 Tbsp allspice


Grind pork and beef together 2 times.

Grind pork, beef and cut-up potatoes one time together.

Mix in remaining ingredients and water until thoroughly combined.

Stuff in medium casings.

The amount of water you need will depend on the water content of your potatoes.

Sausage can be frozen cooked or stored in a refrigerated salt-water brine until used.

When storing in brine, use a container big enough to hold the sausage and keep it submerged in the brine using 3T of salt with enough water to cover. The salt/water concentration is about the same as the recipe. With too strong of a brine, salt will transfer to the sausage via osmosis.

It will hold this way for a week.